Trading in your used model is a great way to reduce the financing needed for a new Dodge in Lynchburg. But many car buyers consider their current vehicle in great condition. Yet, most models fall into good or fair ratings. Fortunately, our Dodge dealership offers online tools to estimate your value. Get the most from your trade-in using these tips from Billy Craft Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.

How do dealers define the different levels of a car’s condition?

Excellent condition. To get an excellent rating, your vehicle must be very close to new condition. You’ll need proof of regular maintenance. With a model in excellent condition, the interior is spotless. There’s no rust or dings. Any vehicle that’s had bodywork done or been in an accident doesn’t qualify for this category.

Good condition. Many models fall into this group. In its current status, the car must have no body damage, very few if any dings, and almost no rust. Plus, the interior must be nearly spotless. If there are very minor damages, then it must be easily repairable. A car that falls into the good category also has tires with plenty of tread remaining.

Fair condition. If your car needs new tires, has visible nicks, dings, rust, or other issues with the exterior or interiors, then it falls into the fair category. As long as all problems are repairable, you’ll get a fair rating.

Poor condition. Cars that fall into the poor category have significant problems. The vehicle may not run or have substantial mechanical issues. There may be severe rust, dings or scrapes, or problems with the interior.

Trade-in your vehicle at our Dodge dealership in Lynchburg

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