When it comes to tires, it’s a piece of must-have equipment. And a pretty big cost. But, did you know that when you purchase a new Jeep, your first tire rotation is crucial? Learn more about how tire warranties work along with details on different types of tire rotations for your Jeep Compass near Bedford.

Most tires come with a product warranty for defects called workmanship and material warranties. These usually provide a few years of coverage. Your guarantee covers an amount of time or specifies an amount of tread. A lesser-used warranty is called a ride unify for its warranty. This usually includes the first year of use and only cover defects related to ride quality. But, to take advantage of any guarantee, you’ll need two things:

  1. Original tire purchase receipt
  2. Proof of regular tire rotations

Some manufacturers also offer a road hazard protection warranty. Depending on your coverage, it may include the cost of a new tire. Before you start thinking about your warranty, let’s review why rotations are necessary, not only for warranty replacement but also for your safety.

Regular tire rotation helps your tires wear evenly. Every time you turn, brake, or speed up, you wear a bit of your tire off. Rotated tires maximize tread life and improve your braking and cornering abilities.

A tire rotation changes the position of your tires and usually occurs around the time you need an oil change, although its best to refer to your new Jeep manufacturer’s guidelines. Experts suggest fresh tread on new tires are more likely to wear unevenly, so it’s vital to get a rotation around 5000 miles.

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